I'm a french illustrator and graphic designer living in Cologne.

I studied at the Art colleges 

Estienne and Duperré in Paris.

Since then I have worked for clients such as Bayer, Sony PlayStation, BBDO, Bel Epok, Forege, Focus (inpact media Verlag), SternTV...

I draw for adults and children.

I made illustrations for scientifical magazines about political and social subjects.

But I also enjoy illustrating books, poetries and texts for children.

Thanks to my graphic study i'm used to work on very different subjects. The choice of my tool (traditional hand-drawing or digital) depends on the subject.

I enjoy drawing with ink and watercolor. I love drawing people from all over the world especially women, memories, portraits, the old times...

I'm fond of Käthe Kollwitz, Egon Schiele, Maya Angelou, Romain Gary, Joseph Kessel...

I think, the past has a lot of inspiring treasures which can help creating beautiful and meaningful drawings.


If you have any questions or interesting projects, feel free to contact me.

À bientôt !